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HedgeCam 2: Advanced Camera App

The HedgeCam 2: Advanced Camera app designed by Caddish Hedgehog is an app that you should absolutely take into consideration if you’re a photography enthusiast who is constantly searching for the ideal camera app. The 2017 release of HedgeCam 2 is a strong camera app with a number of advanced features for taking beautiful pictures. In addition to the standard point-and-shoot features. HedgeCam 2 is equipped with a wealth of capabilities to meet all of your creative demands, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional photographer.

You can control all most all the options using this camera app. Some of you does not like to tweak settings to get perfect photos and selfies. They just want colorful beauty photos. For those who love to capture beautiful photos and selfies without any effort try B612 apk, YouCam Perfect or Candy Camera.

Features of HedgeCam 2

Full manual controls option is one such special feature included in the HedgeCam 2 Advanced camera app, enabling you to precisely adjust your camera settings for the best outcomes. You have total control over your images thanks to the ability to change settings including ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus, and white balance. Advanced users who want to experiment with various settings and get the desired outcomes will love this feature. RAW Support – HedgeCam 2 supports RAW image capture, enabling you to record raw image data that hasn’t been compressed or otherwise altered. RAW photos, as opposed to JPEG images, preserve more information and have a wider dynamic range, giving you more options during post-processing. You can take pictures with better image quality and more control over the outcome if your camera supports RAW.

With the help of the numerous editable grids and overlays available in HedgeCam 2, you’re able to precisely compose your pictures. Rule of thirds, the golden ratio, and diagonals are among the possibilities you can select from. You can also alter the color and opacity of the grids and overlays. For individuals who desire to develop balanced compositions and take visually beautiful images, this function is ideal. A built-in intervalometer in HedgeCam 2 enables you to take pictures at predetermined intervals to produce time lapse sequences.

You have complete control over the interval time, duration, and quantity of photos to be taken when creating a time lapse. This works well for photographing dynamic scenes like star trails, sunsets, and cityscapes. Built-in image stabilization in the app also helps to lessen camera shake and deliver clear crisper images. When shooting handheld or in low light, this capability is especially helpful. With image stabilization, you can take clean, clear pictures despite difficult shooting circumstances. You can modify the shutter button on HedgeCam 2 to suit your shooting preferences as well. The application is convenient and simple to use with one hand thanks to features like single-tap, double-tap, and long-press for taking images. To provide precise and fluid operation, the shutter button’s sensitivity can also be changed.


The HedgeCam 2: Advanced Camera app is a must have app for any photography enthusiast. Download and enjoy!


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