AppLock – Lock apps & Password App

The AppLock – Lock apps & Password app is a unique application which adds an additional extra layer of security and privacy to your device. With the several lock options offered such as password option, pattern lock option users can easily lock down particular apps at their convenience.

The app’s user-friendly layout and strong security measures have helped it become more popular since its release back in 2016. Since then, the app has been downloaded more than hundred million times across platforms as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and holds a huge counting of active current users.

Main Features of the AppLock App

There are many effective and useful features offered by the AppLock app for users in securing their apps and devices. The purpose of the technology behind the AppLock application is to provide you total control over the installed apps on your device. The software enables you to lock particular apps, such as social networking, email, chat, photo, and other significant apps that store sensitive personal information on your device. After an app has been locked, it cannot be accessed without the right password or pattern encryption, guaranteeing total protection and privacy which is very convenient for users.

The ability of AppLock to hide the app icon is one of its most remarkable features. The app’s icon is removed from your device’s home screen and app drawer when you enable this option. This increases security because anyone attempting to access the significant app will be unable to do so unless they are aware of the secret access code. The app also includes a very unique but effective function which snaps a photo of anyone attempting to open your restricted apps. When a password or pattern is repeatedly entered incorrectly, the function is triggered and a picture of the individual attempting to access the app is taken. This feature adds an extra degree of security and makes it easier for you to see anyone attempting to access your personal sensitive data.

Another noteworthy feature offered by the AppLock app is its capability to customize the lock screen which appears. You can modify the lock screen with your own background image and a variety of themes which appeals to you. You may customize your device with this feature while still keeping your apps safe and protected. The easy-to-use unique interface of the application and the convenient yet effective features offered by the app provides users with the best experience and result.


For anyone worried about the security and privacy of their smartphones and apps, AppLock is a great option to tackle that problem once and for all. Further in app purchases for extra features and options are made available to users starting from $9.99 per item. The AppLock – Lock apps & Password app ca be easily downloaded and installed and it has received a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 in the Google Play Store for its performance. There are many Androids optimization tools like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner and etc. that has App Manager or App locker as a feature. If you are using simple app lock and unlocking use one of those tools. CM lite or Clean Master lite is designed for devices with very low performance and storage space that are unable to install Clean Master apk. Check those tools if you have free time.