Happy chick APK

Happy Chick APK

Happy chick can be known as a game emulator. Mainly this emulator supports over 10000 types of games. The happy chick is supported for the multiple types of PS game consoles. And every user will find more types of video games widely using this emulator. All of them are across from the various platforms as well as from the generations. The over 10000 games are supported with the happy chick apk. There are many improvements that can be seen with the latest version of the happy chick android app. This app is about 56MB which make it easier to download using mobile data or home WiFi.

Features of the happy chick

  • Has all most all types games you expect this platform
    If you want to experience classic games, there are multiple items of classic games. Or else if you like to enjoy modern games, here are more items.
  • Emulating
    The emulating process is one task performed by the happy chick app. Through the app, any game in any platform can be emulated.
  • Direct download
    The games can be directly downloaded from the catalogue of the happy chick. Because you don’t have to use a separate tool for the downloading of the app. Even before the download of the games you are able to check on the available platforms.
  • Meaning of the happy chick
    The happy chick is meant as an easy browser for the games of different types
  • The on-screen controllers
    The on-screen controllers can be used with the happy chick. And even users could connect any type of controller by Bluetooth.
  • The app is for free
    The app can be used for free. That means the users don’t want to pay for the usage of the app.
  • Contain ads
    In order to provide free service to users, this app has ads.

If you are an excellent game player, the happy chick emulator is an advanced app that an individual can use. So if you haven’t tried it earlier this is the perfect time to explore the happy chick.


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