Flipaclip APK Download | Best 2D Animation cartoon creator for Android and iOS

The Flipaclip app, created by Oracle, an American multinational computer technology corporation, can be used to create 2D animations on your smartphone. This app can make professional-level 2D animations, and it has already been downloaded by 4.5 million people worldwide. In addition, this app is user-friendly and easy to use.


Features of flipaclip

  • This user-friendly app allows you to create professional designs using the simple drawing tools available here.
  • You can add any text you want using different styles of fonts.
  • You can resize the canvas to fit social media networks.
  • You can increase the FPS rate to 30, but the standard FPS rate is 24 fps.
  • In addition to drawing animations with your finger, you can use a Samsung S pen or a Sonar Pen.
  • You can attach up to ten layers to your project, but you can only add three layers for free.
  • You can apply the onion skin feature.
  • You can add voice recordings and music to the design.
  • You can export designs made using this app as MP4, PNG sequences with transparency, or GIF.

How to install the flipaclip on android?

You should know that before installing an APK file, you need to change the device’s security settings so that you can install any APK file. Then, all you have to do is allow downloads from unknown origins in the security settings. Note that this is an essential step.

  • Download the free flipaclip apk file provided by the official website. 
  • Go to the download file and install the apk file. Allows the app to access the gallery. Now you can use the app without any problem.

How to install the Flipaclip on a PC?

Before installing an APK file, you should know that you need to download an android apps player to install any APK file. Nox app player is the most practical software you can utilize for this.

  • The latest version of the Nox download is available on its official website. But this is just its installer. Once downloaded, run the setup. That’s when the Nox player software starts to install.
  • Follow the on-screen guidance to install the software, then use your Google Account to connect with Nox.
  • Then go to your network browser and download the newest version of Flipaclip from its official website.
  • You can easily install the Flipclip app file by opening it with Knox App Player. To do this, right-click on the Apk file, go to “Open with” in the drop-down list and click on the Nox icon in it.
  • Follow the instructions given precisely. Then within seconds, you can use this app on your PC.

How to use the Flipaclip?

  • At startup, you will see the flipaclip home screen. Choose a positive sign to start a project. Please give it a name and select a background. Now decide how large you want the canvas to be. And how many frames per second you want it. We recommend 24FPS.
  • Touch the pen tool In the middle of the left side, and you’ll see the bar change controls. Drag your thumb up and down on the circle to change the size of the brush. Now draw something you want.
  • Touch plus sign to add a frame. It’s like you’re adding another page. This tool is called onion skin. After you’ve made a few frames, hit play and see how things start to come to life.
  • Go to the app’s menu at the top right and tick on “make a movie.” You have three options for exporting your animation. Then select one of them, then save your film.


Do I have to pay for flipaclip?

  • Yes, you can use both paid and free versions. Paid versions have many valuable features. But the thing to keep in mind is that if you uninstall and reinstall the app after making a purchase or switch phones, use the same Gmail addresses that made the purchase and sign up for the play store.