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AppFlix is a free Internet TV app for Android. As you know there are lot of Internet TV apps  today. AppFlix is much more better than any of those apps. This app is developed by This is the far more better version than their previous version SeriesDroid. Now they suggest AppFlix app over SeriesDroid. AppFlix is the first Internet TV app to have free links to latest Movies and TV series.

Best alternative to Morpheus TV and Terrarium

This is the best alternative Internet TV for Morpheus TV and Terrarium TV.  This is the first app to have free links to watch latest Movies and TV Series. There are number links available for one Movie or TV show. From the list appear per search you can see dubbed movies too. If you like to watch a foreign movie in native language then AppFlix is the best choice. You can find dubbed movies in English, Latino, Spanish and more.

Instead of using subtitles it is always better to have good dubbed movie. You can select the quality you like. Since there are large number of search results appear you have all the freedom to select what you want. As you know morpheus TV app can’t remember the previous played position of a movie. So every time you start to play a movie it start from the begging. Appflix will remember where you left off and when you want to continue watching the movie AppFlix will take you there. No need to waste time to find the location where you left off.

Each Movie or TV show you selected will have information you will need. Ratings, length of the video and some description about the movie. Not only them you will find trailers related to that movie. Not a single official trailer. It has all of them. If you like that movie and want to find movies like that or find it’s previous releases you will have to search the internet. With AppFlix it is not necessary. When you select a Movie or TV Show you like it will show it previous releases and other movies like that in the  “Other Movie” section. How cool is that. Literally this app will cover all your basic needs.

You can add movies to favorite list and keep them organised. There are lot more untold features in AppFlix Premium app. You can download this app for free. Find the download button at the end of this article.

AppFlix Premium App

You may have used the AppFlix app on Google Play Store. One in the Play Store will only provide information about the movies and TV shows. Using AppFlix premium you can watch movies and TV shows. This is the only certified website to download premium version of AppFlix app for free.

Installing AppFlix on Amazon FireStick, FireTV will be a tricky process. Because it is not just visit and download and install process. It may require some other apps to download this app you may require mouse toggle app for FireStick to use this app.

Download Now playing Movies for free

As you know many sources can’t provide you the links to watch now playing movies on theaters. This app is much more ahead of others. Because this app has a separate tab for Now playing Movies and TV shows. You can even watch or download them to watch later anywhere anytime.

This download features make AppFlix more shine. Because downloads are fast and easy. When you have limited internet connection you can download Movies you like using free WiFi and watch them offline.


Download AppFlix Premium

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