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  • Tastemade Android TV

    Tastemade Android TV

    food enthusiasts and home cooks are constantly on the lookout for new recipes, culinary inspiration, and immersive food content. If you’re love cooking or simply enjoy exploring the world of cooking and recipes, Tastemade is the Android TV app you need. Offering a vast collection of food and travel videos, along with delicious recipes, Tastemade…

  • Weverse for TV

    Weverse for TV

    Weverse is a social media platform developed by WEVERSE COMPANY Inc. that enables K-Pop fans to communicate with each other and their favorite superstars. It was released in 2019, and since then, it has quickly risen to the top of the list of K-Pop applications in popularity. The app has garnered a huge fan base…

  • Fubo TV – Live sports and TV

    Fubo TV – Live sports and TV

    To calm a human mind in today’s world has become very important. In today’s world, with so much of happenings, where physical presence is not possible due to busy personal schedules, the only option is to catch these on TV. And what better way to calm one’s mind than watching one’s favourite programs on TV.…