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(Last Updated On: November 10, 2020)

This can be known as a library of songs, podcasts, playlists and music players. By this app you can feel that all the music groups or all the libraries are within your own pocket. Therefore you can enjoy it anytime. Also, you can make a link with your favorites anywhere you like.

Actually there are over 56 millions of tracks you could find through this app. You could find your favorite ones through the Deezer. Think that this Deezer is a friend of yours. The Deezer feel you the ultimate experience.

Now you have a brief idea about the above app. Except for the above more some other specific features of the Deezer. We will see them.

Features of Deezer APK

  • You could stream music via this app
  • Over 56 million records may be the presence
  • The shuffle mode provides discovering the newest playlists
  • You could get recommendations by personalized
  • You can make new playlists
  • Users could hear to any content
  • You could add your favorite ones to your own list
  • Only a single tap needed to add the others into your favorite list
  • You are able to organize your tracks by the genre and the artist
  • You could discover new things like radio channels, audio channels, and podcasts

Those are the main features of the Deezer app. Although those are the uses obtained by this app. Except that what we can obtain by this app. Actually I would like to see them. Shall we? Do you wish to know them?

More facts related to the Deezer App

  • There are no advertisements there
  • You are capable of hearing and watching them in the offline mode. That means you can download the favorites. After that, you could see them anywhere
  • You have unlimited skips in this app
  • No shuffling
  • Actually there is most developed sound quality. That is 320 kBps. 
  • This is compatible with any connected device

So I told you about the compatibility of the connected devices. I prefer to know which are the devices that are suitable for the above app. Those are as follows.

Download Deezer for Android

Deezer for Android now available on AC Market and other third party app stores for free. You can download this app directly from AC Market. Click here to download via AC Market.

Compatible devices

  • Google home
  • Apple watch
  • Sonos sound systems.
  • Amazon Alexa

     You can make up to 6 user accounts for this Deezer app. From that you could get a more impressive experience.

   Along with all the above specific things there are some things that have been added to the Deezer app.

What’s new in the new update

  • There is stay home channel those who are inside of the house 
  • You won’t feel bored while working in the home 
  • There are more new podcasts from more other countries 

FAQs of Deezer apk

What is the size of this app?
This is about an 18 MB sized app.

Are there any ads contained here?
Yes, there are some ads contained here. But those are placed by the app developer. So there are no more ads here.

Is this a free app?
You can get it free. But you have to purchase an item at a price of 2$-11$.

Could I get it from the Google Play Store?
Yes, you can download it from the Google play store.

Then we moved to the last part of here. We have to consider the ideas of the users too. Because it is very important.

User Opinions:

  They said that this is the best library that they have ever found. Now it has fixed all the problems related to this app. 

   Those are the details that I wanted to know as a user. If you haven’t used this earlier this is the time for that. Experience it today.

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